Aspire AVP Review

Welcome to my honest Aspire AVP Pod System review JUULers!

This is the third installment of my JUULability review system, in which I compare up and coming pod vapes to the JUUL.

In this review, I will pit the Aspire AVP against the JUUL in all the most important categories.

If you’d like to read some of my other JUULability reviews, click here!  Otherwise, let’s dive into this battle between the Aspire AVP and the king of vapes itself: JUUL.

The JUULability System: Contents

This section serves as a brief explanation of the topics that will be covered in this review system, as well as a table of contents that will take you directly the section you’re personally most interested in!

I’ll start with a table of advantages for each of the categories, followed by a pros and cons list against the JUUL, and then finally an in-depth explanation of each of the following topics:

Let’s get started.


Aspire AVP Review: Advantages

Aspire AVP VS JUUL Advantages Table

Aspire AVP Review: Pros & Cons

Keep in mind, this pros and cons list is a review of the Aspire AVP VS JUUL.


  • Very consistent vapor production
  • STRONG flavor output
  • Larger battery and pod capacities
  • Refillable pods allow infinitely more e-juice options than JUUL
  • Better build quality
  • Adjustable power output (8W, 10W, and 12W)
  • Better overall ergonomics
  • Magnetic pod connections
  • More color options than JUUL
  • Much cheaper to maintain than the JUUL
  • Pass-through vaping (ability to hit the vape while it is charging)
  • Minimal spitback
  • Minimal pod leakage
  • Easier to keep track of (larger size and brighter colors)


  • More maintenance required (refilling pods)
  • Filling pods is weird and a little more annoying than similar vapes
  • No temperature sensor (possible dry-hits)
  • Hard to tell when to change the pod (recommended after 3-4 fills)
  • Hard to tell when to refill the pod
  • Strong flavor can be overbearing (this comes down to personal preference)
  • Trial and error are required to find your favorite 3rd party E-juice

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Aspire AVP Review: Vapor Quality

As always, we’ll start with (in my opinion) the most important category.  Much like the SMOK Novo, the Aspire AVP greatly exceeds the JUUL here.

The main difference in this category between the AVP and many other pod vapes currently on the market is the fact that it allows you to control the wattage output between three settings: 8W, 10W, and 12W.


Advantage: Aspire AVP

As I just mentioned, the Aspire AVP rivals the SMOK Novo when it comes to vapor production and consistency.

You can expect thick satisfying puffs from every draw of this vape.  Compared to the JUUL that requires constant squeezing and shaking to keep the wicks saturated, the Aspire AVP is a BIG upgrade.

This remains one of the primary reasons I have permanently switched from the JUUL to a refillable pod vape.  Not having to constantly fiddle with my pods is more than worth having to manually refill them every day.  Not to mention how much money I save by not buying JUUL Pods.


Advantage: Aspire AVP

Now here’s where things get INTERESTING.

The Aspire AVP has flavor output like no other pod vape I’ve personally used.

In fact, I found it almost overbearing.

I just wasn’t ready for how vibrant and strong the taste of my favorite e-juice was from this vape.  This thing makes the JUUL seem like you’re vaping water.

The flavor output was actually too much for me.  I prefer it to be a little subtler, I’ve learned.  However, MANY vapers LOVE strong flavor output, and if that’s you, then you’ll LOVE this vape.

I think it must have to do with the material they use for their wicks.  Whatever it is, if you like feeling like you just bit into a ripe mango when you vape, then this device is worth checking out.

Aspire AVP Review Fresh Mango


Advantage: JUUL

As with most pod vapes other than the JUUL, there IS a potential for dry-hits with the Aspire AVP.

However, the potential only exists where user negligence is involved.  What I mean is, like the SMOK Novo and the Suorin Edge, you will only really get dry-hits from the AVP when you wait too long to refill the pod.

It inevitably happens to the best of us.  You’re vaping away, not even giving a thought to how much juice may be left in the pod when suddenly there’s no satisfying crackling/bubbling, and then it feels like you just stepped into hell and took a nice lungful of brimstone.

Aspire AVP Review Dry-Hit

Again, this can be avoided entirely by paying attention to how much juice remains in your pod, but the potential is still there for it to happen.

I used to think the JUUL had some kind of proprietary temperature sensor that automatically shut the battery off when the coils got too hot, but I’ve recently heard it could actually be that the JUUL uses silica wicks instead of cotton.

These wicks apparently just won’t conduct enough electricity to overheat.  If this is indeed the case, it also explains the JUUL’s relatively underwhelming flavor output.  Cotton wicks are known for their great flavor profile.

However the JUUL produces it’s absolutely dry-hit free experience, this is always a category that other pod vapes I’ve tried just can’t compete in.

Aspire AVP Review: Design

Next comes all aspects of the physical design and functionality of the Aspire AVP compared to the JUUL.

Once again, the AVP gets an overall advantage in this category, for the following reasons:

General Functionality

Other than flavor production, the main thing that sets the Aspire AVP apart from other pod vapes on the market is its adjustable wattage output settings.

The AVP allows you to change the output between three settings: 8W (Green LED), 10W (Blue LED), and 12W (Red LED).

It’s LED also functions as a button that allows you to change this setting (by double-tapping), and gives you the option to turn off the vape entirely by quickly tapping it five times.

This button IS NOT a fire button.  The AVP is activated simply by drawing on the mouthpiece, just like the JUUL.

The LED also functions as a battery life indicator.  It lights up one of the three colors while hitting to let you know just how long you’ve got before needing to plug in and recharge.  The battery level indicators, like most pod vapes, are as follows:

  • Green LED: 70-100% charge remaining
  • Blue LED: 30-70% charge remaining
  • Red LED: 30% or less charge remaining

When the battery is dead, the LED will flash red when you try to hit the vape.  While recharging, the LED remains on, and cycles back through the respective colors, again, like most other pod vapes.  When the device is fully charged the light turns off.

It charges using a standard micro-USB and supports pass-through vaping. (Vaping while the battery is charging)

This video should make it a little more clear:

I’ll save you the explanation of how the JUUL works because if you found your way to my site, I’m assuming you already know.


Advantage: Aspire AVP

The relative capacities of the AVP are way better than the JUUL.  I find most new pod vapes always beat the JUUL in this category, as the JUUL’s stats here are rather pitiful.

The AVP sports 2mL pods, which is more than double the .75mL volume of JUUL Pods.

The battery of the AVP is no slouch either.  It more than TRIPLES the 200mAh JUUL battery, at 700mAh.

Not much more to be said here.  The AVP absolutely trumps the JUUL in capacities.

Build Quality

Slight Advantage: Aspire AVP

Aspire did a really good job with the AVP, which is to be expected from a company that’s been in the game as long as Aspire has.

This thing feels REALLY well put together.  With a nice metal liner, smooth carbon fiber faceplates, and a solid weight in the hand.  This is definitely a vape that can survive numerous accidental drops.

The AVP’s pods also seem to have a higher level of polish than JUUL Pods do.  They are cleanly made, and magnetically attach to the battery with an extremely satisfying *snap*!

There is something odd about these pods though that relates to the dry-hits section above.  They seem to reach the point of dry-hitting before the pod itself is entirely empty.  This is most likely due to the position of the absorption holes on the coil, and the somewhat awkward shape of the pods in general.

It will definitely take some trial and error to learn just when the best time to refill these pods is to avoid a dreaded dry hit.

Aspire AVP Coil Absorption Holes

My only other complaint about the pods is the refilling mechanism, but we’ll get into that in the Maintenance section below.

Although I love the feel of the JUUL, overall, the AVP definitely feels like a higher quality product.


Slight Advantage: Aspire AVP

As I just stated, I do LOVE the feel of the JUUL.  Its sleek USB like appeal will always hold a unique place in the world of vape ergonomics and aesthetics.

However, as someone with larger than average hands, I like the AVP’s bigger size.  It just gives you something more to hold onto.  This also makes it much easier to keep track of your the AVP, rather than losing it every five minutes… (*AHEM*… WHERE the F*** is my JUUL?!)

Aspire AVP Size Comparison

I also like the weightier feel do to the extra battery capacity and heavier metal shell.  I don’t think Aspire used regular old, light as air, aluminum for the AVP.  It just feels denser.

The smooth mouthpiece on AVP pods is also better than JUUL’s plain old rectangle.

Aspire AVP Mouthpiece Comparison

Finally, for all my fellow fidgeters out there, the AVP is way more fun to play with than the JUUL.  I found myself constantly popping the magnetic pod in and out, and it also comes with an optional lanyard.

Now, I’ll never be the guy that wears a vape around my neck.  Sorry if you are, but it’s not for me.  HOWEVER, the magic with THIS lanyard is the ring connection.  Remove the actual lanyard portion, and you are left with a short little string with a ring on the end, which is quite great for spinning around your finger.

Caution advised: The AVP is heavy, and if the ring slips off of your finger while spinning it’s going to go flying across the room. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Slight Advantage: Aspire AVP

This category always comes down to personal preference, but for me, the AVP gets the advantage simply because it has more color options than the JUUL.

The AVP’s style sits somewhere nicely in between the sleek subtlety of the JUUL and the flashiness of the SMOK Novo.

Want to be subtle? Simply get the black or gunmetal color option.  It’ll blend right in.

Or do you want a little more color and flare?  Pick up one of the brighter colors or even the rainbow option.

I think they hit the nail on the head when it comes to looks.  Plus who doesn’t love that beautiful carbon fiber texture?

In the end, it’s up to you, but I’ve gotta give it to Aspire and their AVP.

Aspire AVP Aesthetic Comparison

Aspire AVP Review: Maintenance

Always an important category, especially from JUUL’s perspective, is maintenance required.

JUUL is VERY hard to beat in this area, and today is no exception to that rule.

However, you pay a premium for the convenience of the JUUL, and that is one of it’s biggest downfalls.

Physical Maintenance

Advantage: JUUL

Nothing is easier than throwing out an empty JUUL Pod, popping a new one in, and continuing to vape.

This ease of use played a big part in JUUL’s initial explosion.  It emulates traditional cigarettes quite well, which is something that not only draws smokers in but also greatly helps them to quit smoking for good.

Many people just don’t want to be bothered with refilling pods themselves.  Just like they would pull out a cigarette and light up, they can simply pop in a pod and start vaping.

Now, most other pod vapes are still VERY easy to refill, and the AVP is as well, for the most part.  But it differs from vapes like the SMOK Novo and the Suorin Edge.

AVP Pods have a strange, spring closed valve, sort of like the valve on the tires of your car.  You have to press the tip of your e-juice bottle in to compress the spring, and then fill the pod.

The first time I tried to fill one of these things, I didn’t realize how it worked and made a BIG mess. A mess that isn’t very easy to clean due to the concave nature of the bottom of the pods.

This fill valve also doesn’t line up very well with the inside of the pod, making filling the pod to the brim difficult.  There is also usually at least a drop of e-juice leftover in the little hole in the fill valve.  All this is kind of hard to explain, but hopefully, the video above makes it a little clearer.

One last point that is a common one among refillable pod vapes is the fact that it can be difficult to tell when it’s time to change the pod.  Your best bet is to stick to 3 or 4 refills, and if the pod starts leaking or spitting consistently, it’s time to replace it.


Advantage: Aspire AVP

On the opposite end of the maintenance spectrum, is the sub-category that JUUL will probably never hold dominion over: Costs.

JUUL Pods are ridiculously expensive.  Everyone knows that.  Once again, you are paying for the convenience of never having to manually refill your pods.

But the math speaks for itself.  JUUL Pods come out to about $6 per ml of e-juice on average, ($16-$20 per pack of pods, which contain 3ml of e-juice total) depending on where you’re buying them and what flavor. (RIP Mango)

Every other e-juice averages to be about 60 cents per ml. ($15-$20 per 30ml bottle of juice)  This means you’re paying TEN TIMES MORE for JUUL Pods than just buying your own e-juice and filling pods yourself.

It’s really a no-brainer.  If you’re trying to save money, a refillable pod vape is absolutely the way to go.

What I think is funny, is that people get to the point where they try to save money by manually refilling JUUL Pods, which is WAY harder than refilling pods that were designed for it and often comes with suboptimal results.  They’d save themselves a lot of headache by just buying a refillable pod vape like the AVP.

AVP Pods themselves are sold for $7.95 for a two-pack, and they will last for approximately 3-4 refills. (Depending on the E-juice used to refill them)

Wasting Money on JUUL Pods

Aspire AVP Review: Malfunctions

This is always a difficult category to give an advantage to, because nearly every vape experiences all of the following problems in their own unique way.

It really comes down to which option sounds like less of a hassle to you personally.

Still, I’ll do my best to paint the most accurate picture I can for you.

Pod Leakage

Slight Advantage: Aspire AVP

We’ve all had those JUUL Pods that just seem destined to leak from the start.  There’s quite a bit of inconsistency here.  Some people claim it’s flavor dependent, but I just think it’s their overall design that’s to blame.

Regardless, having a leaky JUUL Pod is never a good time, and is always an annoying mess.  Not to mention the 4-6$ you just lost to that one pod malfunctioning.

You can request replacement pods on JUUL’s website, but I’ve heard they still charge you for shipping the pods, which kind of sucks.

In comparison, the AVP’s pods seem to be pretty good about leakage.  If they do leak, it’s usually only a small amount, and means that it’s time to replace the pod.  There can also be “leakage” if you overfill the pods, but this is less of a malfunction and more of a user/design error.

The leakage from JUUL Pods also tends to cause damage to the JUUL battery itself, whereas the battery on the AVP seems to be better sealed.  I have not experienced any battery malfunctions while using the AVP.


No Advantage

These vapes differ quite a bit in the spitback department.

JUUL Pods tend to be pretty good about this, until suddenly you get a huge drop of e-juice in your mouth.  Usually, it’s from those pods that were leaky in the first place.

The AVP, on the other hand, tends to have tiny sprays of e-juice slightly more frequently than the JUUL.  If you start to get worse or more frequent spitback from AVP Pods, this is yet another sign that it’s time to replace them.

As I said, this one really comes down to preference.  The JUUL’s spitback is definitely more jarring when it happens, but occurs less frequently than the AVP’s.

This one’s up to you!

The Professor’s Point of View

Now I’ll tell you what kind of vapers I think will like the Aspire AVP more than the JUUL.

But first, let’s start with my overall opinion.

I really like the Aspire AVP and definitely prefer it to the JUUL.  It’s a solid vape with multiple objective upgrades, more versatility, and better overall performance.

At the cost of a little extra work in refilling pods and finding the right vape juice, you can save a ton of money and have a more enjoyable vaping experience.

Unfortunately, the AVP still hasn’t replaced my primary vape of choice, the SMOK Novo 2. (Previously the SMOK Novo.  Novo 2 review coming soon!)  This is mostly due to the annoyance of filling the pods, and the strong flavor output which I personally don’t enjoy as much.

Now let’s get into my official recommendations:

You may prefer the Aspire AVP over the JUUL if:
  • You want to save money by not having to buy JUUL Pods anymore
  • You are currently trying to save money by refilling JUUL Pods
  • You can pay attention to your juice levels to avoid dry-hits
  • You’re tired of the JUULs inconsistent functionality
  • You tend to vape a lot, and don’t want to wait for your wicks to re-saturate
  • Manually refilling pods doesn’t sound like too much of a hassle for you
  • You want a vape with longer battery life and larger pod volume
  • You are bored with your JUUL and want to try something new!
  • You like really strong flavor output and the ability to tweak flavor with the different wattage settings

You may not prefer the Aspire AVP over the JUUL if:
  • You don’t vape that frequently, and wick desaturation isn’t an issue for you
  • Ease of use and low-maintenance are some of your primary concerns
  • You don’t mind paying a premium for that convenience
  • Hunting for the perfect E-juice sounds like a nightmare, and you are satisfied with JUUL Pods
  • You HATE dry-hits
  • you don’t want to play a guessing game about when to refill/replace your pods
  • You want your vaping and vape itself to be as subtle as possible

Get the Aspire AVP!

Aspire AVP Review: The Victor

As always, that is for each and every individual to decide for themselves given the information I’ve provided.

You already know that I like the AVP more than the JUUL, but what do you think?

If you’re intrigued, give it a try to see if you like it! You can always go back to the JUUL.

Have a great day JUULers AVPians, I’ll see you soon.

Have you tried the AVP? If so what did you think? Let’s have a conversation!


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