JUUL Hacks: Refilling JUUL Pods

You’ve waited too long again.

You swore that the last time would be it.  But here you are.

It’s 2:30 in the morning and you are chained to your computer, typing away at that paper that’s due in five hours.

You realize that procrastination and binge drinking are treated the same way in your mind.

The day after you always tell yourself “NEVER AGAIN!”, yet here you are.  Puking in the toilet at 7:00 AM wishing you could just die.

Wait no, that’s not the issue this time.  You refocus your attention on the impending assignment.

2:45 AM, Mr. Sandman start tempting you with his offers of sweet, sweet sleep.

“Not an option”, you say to yourself as you reach for your third Redbull of the night and take a sweet and satisfying rip off of your last precious mango pod.

Except for this time, it’s not quite as satisfying.

You pop your pod out and take a look, it’s dangerously low.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Dangerously Low

“Good thing 7-Eleven is open all night”, you think to yourself as you pull your phone out to check your account balance.

“Damn, it’s either JUUL Pods tonight or joining the boys for Thirsty Thursday tomorrow”, tough choice.

“Why are JUUL Pods SO EXPENSIVE!?”.  If only there was a cheap and convenient way to get your nicotine fix.

Well, I may have just the solution to this conundrum:


As great as the JUUL’s flavors are, they are also the most expensive E-juice ever to hit the market, by far.

At $15.99 for a four pack, that leaves JUUL juice running you $5.33 per mL. (Each pod is only 0.75mL of juice)

The average price of E-juice sold by the bottle is less than a dollar per mL, making JUUL Pods quite the premium purchase.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Premium Pods

Refilling JUUL Pods also allows users to bypass the lack of nicotine strength options offered by JUUL.  This way we can slowly taper the nicotine level down to work on fighting that addiction, which is, of course, the end goal of using the JUUL in the first place.

Those who have had enough either start looking for a new vape altogether, or begin to contemplate how to refill JUUL Pods.

Well today dear JUULers, the Doc will show you the best ways to achieve exactly this while avoiding many of the pitfalls associated with this treatment.

In case anyone is wondering whether or not JUUL Pods are just as, if not more, expensive than traditional cigarettes I can assure you that the JUUL is still cheaper by the mg of nicotine, although not by much.  I’ll save you the boredom of explaining my calculations, but trust me, I’ve done the math.


Just like with any true medical procedure, there are some associated risks and potential side effects of attempting to give your pods an E-juice transfusion.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Burnt out coils
  • E-juice spitback while hitting
  • An overall increase in regular maintenance required
  • A higher chance of leaky pods, requiring more frequent JUUL cleanings

Some of these issues can be avoided through proper technique (like the terrible experience of spitback), which will be explained in detail soon.

Another issue is that JUUL Pod coils weren’t designed to last a long time and can burn out after just a couple of refills.

A solution to this could lie in the creation of refillable JUUL Pods that are becoming available from third-party companies. (REVIEWS COMING SOON)

Now, let’s get into the procedure.

Performing the Transfusion — How to Refill JUUL Pods: An In-Depth Guide

Materials Required:

How to Refill JUUL Pods Required Materials

How to Refill JUUL Pods Required Materials

Optional Materials:

How to Refill JUUL Pods Optional Materials


1.) Wearing rubber gloves during this procedure is recommended, as you will get some E-juice on your hands.  The nicotine in this high strength juice can absorb through the skin and cause unpleasant side effects if you have a low nicotine tolerance.

2.) JUUL Pods were designed to work with nicotine salts based E-juice.  Straying from this type of juice can result in damage to pods or to the JUUL battery itself, as well as a much less than ideal vaping experience. 

Many third-party companies are now producing E-juice using nicotine salts specifically designed for the JUUL, so it should be easy to find appropriate juice for this procedure. (REVIEW COMING SOON)

1.) Remove the JUUL Pod Mouthpiece

Using your small flathead screwdriver, pry up the plastic tabs on either side of the JUUL Pod and then pull off the mouthpiece.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Mouthpiece Removal

2.) Replace the Cotton Pads in the Mouthpiece

These cotton pads help to reduce spitback, and despite seeming rather useless are actually quite necessary to have for a positive JUUL experience.

A.) Using your narrow tweezers, remove the old cotton pads.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Cotton Removal

B.) OPTIONAL STEP: Clean the excess JUUL juice from the inside of the mouthpiece with water, Q-tips, and paper towels.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Clean the Mouthpiece

C.)  Using your small tweezers, replace the pads with fresh cotton, or dry out the old cotton pads with paper towels and reinsert them.

If you are supplying your own fresh cotton, make sure it is unbleached and organic! Cotton sold for use in vape mods on Amazon is perfect.

How to Refill JUUL Pods New Cotton Replacement

If you’d prefer a quicker and easier method, simply absorb the JUUL juice from the old cotton pads by pressing firmly with a paper towel, and then re-use them.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Drying Old Cotton

D.) We are done with the mouthpiece prep! We can set it aside for now.

3.) Perform the E-juice Transfusion

A.) Using your tweezers, remove the rubber seal from the bottom half of the pod.

Feel free to quickly clean the rubber seal with a paper towel.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Rubber Seal Removal

B.) OPTIONAL STEP: Clean out excess E-juice inside of the pod with Q-tips/paper towels.

NOTE: Be careful if deciding to perform this step, as it is easy to displace some of the finer components within the pod, and not so easy to readjust them.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Clean Inside the Pod

C.) Place the colored flavor cap on the bottom of the JUUL to seal the contact points and prevent leakage

How to Refill JUUL Pods Flavor Cap

D.) Fill your empty JUUL Pod with your new E-juice up to the “fill line” on the pod.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Pod Refill

4.) Reseal your Freshly Filled JUUL Pod

A.) Slightly squeeze the edges of the pod inwards.

How to Refill JUUL Pods The Squeeze

B.) While squeezing, replace the rubber seal.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Reseal the Pod

C.) Stop squeezing once the seal is in place to create initial pressure.

NOTE: This is one of the most important steps of the entire transfusion process.  JUUL Pods rely on a slight internal pressure to function properly.  By squeezing the pod while resealing we create this internal pressure and keep the pod from leaking profusely.

5.) Reapply the Mouthpiece

A.) Simply press the mouthpiece into place and you’ll hear a satisfying “click”, signifying the mouthpiece is securely attached.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Mouthpiece Reapplication

B.) Remove the flavor cap (if present), and GENTLY blow through the mouthpiece while holding a paper towel beneath the pod.

This removes E-juice that has found its way into the air tube of the pod, greatly lowering the chance of spitback on the first hit.

C.) Keep blowing gently until no more juice comes out, and press the paper towel into the pod contacts to absorb any juice that has accumulated there.

How to Refill JUUL Pods Blow Through Mouthpiece

6.) ALL DONE! Pop in your Transfused Pod and take a SLOW, GENTLE Puff (in case any juice remains in the air tube)

In case you’re confused about any specific aspects of this guide, here’s a video demonstrating the procedure:

Ways to Skin the Cat

Although I consider this process to be the most effective way to go about refilling JUUL Pods, many of these steps can be omitted, and there’s always room for improvement.

My point is don’t be afraid to experiment! you never know what you’ll discover and coloring outside the lines is how innovation is born.

And speaking of innovation, various third party companies have heard the call of us JUULers wanting a cheaper and more efficient way to enjoy our favorite vape.

To this end they have created empty, refillable pods designed specifically for the JUUL, as well as many different options for nicotine salt based E-juice.

If you’d like to hear my recommendations on these third party options, check out this review. (COMING SOON)

Juiced and Ready

I hope this procedure helps you stay away from cigarettes without breaking the bank.

Maybe one day JUUL will answer our cries and create their own refillable pods.  It would certainly save us the time and regret of sifting through all the third party crap.

They have finally released some lower strength pods at our request, so they are indeed listening.

After all, it takes some time to release the quality products we expect from JUUL and I’m willing to wait for the perfect refillable pod.

Have a frugal day dear JUULers, we’ll see you soon.

How did this JUUL Pod refill guide work out for you?  Did I miss any tips or tricks you’ve found useful?  What awesome flavors have you discovered to refill with? Add your thoughts in the comments section below!


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Minh Khoi Le · May 15, 2019 at 9:50 pm

Hi, I tried this and on the first refill the pod tastes nastily burnt. Like nasty nasty. The juice from inside the pod smells fine just everything tastes like burnt paper. Is there a way to fix this?

    The Prof · May 15, 2019 at 10:02 pm


    I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble. My first question is what kind of E-juice are you using? The JUUL is designed to work with nicotine salt juice, so if that’s not what you’re using that could be the problem. Or if the juice you are using has a higher VG to PG ratio, resulting in a thicker consistency, it could have trouble absorbing into the wicks.

    Are you maybe refilling a mint pod while using a non-minty flavor to refill? Or vice versa? There could be some weird flavor mixing going on for the first few hits if so. Also if there are air bubbles near the wicks that could mean the juice has not yet fully saturated into them resulting in the burnt flavor. It can take a few hits to get the refilled pod hitting properly.

    Another potential issue is that not all JUUL Pods will definitely be able to be refilled before burning out. JUUL Pods are not designed to be refilled and some don’t last as long as others. If you’ve tried hitting it a few times and it still tastes burnt, I would try a different pod.

    Unfortunately, there is no exact science to this, as we are attempting to use a product in an unintended way. Keep messing with it and let me know if you figure out the problem!

    Best of luck!

Ben · May 16, 2019 at 6:07 am

I successfully refilled some pods and they’re working well. Thanks for your guide. I have one question to which I couldn’t find an answer yet.
Juul stated that “for your own health, you shouldn’t refill the pods”. I’m wondering what health risks are they talking about? Are there even any risks?
Is it maybe because they add Benzoic Acid which isn’t found in other liquids? And because they added that in their juice, other juices wont evaporate correctly with the juul and are therefor create a potential health risk?
Would be awesome if you would share your thoughts about this topic 🙂

Thank you and kind regards
Ps.: feel free to mail me when you finally get your chance to visit Germany. I’ll for sure offer you a beer or whatever you like 🙂

    The Prof · May 16, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    Glad the guide worked well for you!

    I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with benzoic acid specifically, but I think you’re on the right track. This is probably primarily just a disclaimer to make sure they’re covered in case someone did have negative health effects and tried to sue them.

    My guess would be that it’s a combination of the fact that they can’t control what other companies put in their E-juice, meaning many may not vape properly and could create some harmful by-products, and that the pods themselves aren’t designed to be refilled, so when their coils/wicks burn out this could also create some unexpected chemicals. There are just far too many variables in refilling pods that they cannot control.

    Plus, if people refill their pods, JUUL loses A LOT of money from them no longer purchasing JUUL Pods. Which is obviously something they’d prefer to not have happen.

    You’re welcome, and have a good one!

    P.S. I appreciate your hospitality and will definitely keep it in mind!

Lynnedee Lane · May 29, 2019 at 5:55 am

My Dear Pod Professor,
I just wanted to thank you & the company that invented this great product. I’ve tried a few different e-cigs. Your JUUL however, is by far the best!
I started smoking when I was 9yrs old, I am now 58. I am an active person, then I started noticing I was getting winded and had a hard time breathing whenever I took a short walk out to my car, or tried to do a little gardening, which I love.
I tried Chantix back in 2013. It worked for me, but the cost & side affects, weren’t worth it.
Then, I saw a commercial about JUUL and decided to try it!
That was May 14th, 2019. I have not had 1 cigarette since. I have not had any desire to pick up a cigarette. And for that, I would like to thank you & yours, from the bottom of my heart & lungs for this JUUL!!
I’m looking forward to adding a few more years to enjoying my retirement.
Thank you & Have a blessed life.

    The Prof · May 29, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Hello Lynnedee!

    I’m glad you’re doing well with the JUUL!

    I appreciate all the thanks, and you’re welcome for the guides I produce, but just to clarify, I am not affiliated with JUUL nor did I have a hand in creating this product.

    I am simply an experienced user that decided to help other users by producing JUUL related guides!

    If you’re interested in trying another similar vape to the JUUL that will save you A LOT of money compared to JUUL, check out my SMOK Novo Review!

    Best of luck in staying away from cigarettes! 🙂

Jrock · June 16, 2019 at 1:19 am

Hey, thanks for the detailed write-up. My previous attempts at refilling resulted in excess spitback. After following your notes my refills are working out great.

My mistakes were not giving the cotton a second thought, the squeeze while replacing the rubber seal, and blowing out any excess through the mouthpiece. I plan on getting some new cotton, but for now I’m dabbing it dry as you mention.

I’m totally new to the world of vaping. Haven’t smoked a cigarette in quite some time, but was dipping about a can a day. Now, I’m not dipping and can get just over a day from a juul pod.

I’ve only got one question: The e-juice I’m using (Daze salt series) mentions, in very tiny letters, that it’s “not for sub-ohm devices”. I understand ohm, but no idea if the Juul device falls in that category or not. It seems to be working out just fine, but thought I’d ask.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

    The Prof · June 17, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    I’m glad I could help!

    There can be quite a few extra little steps when refilling pods that weren’t meant for it.

    Good to hear that JUUL has helped you quit dipping!

    As for your question, no need to worry! The JUUL and most other pod-based vapes are not sub-ohm devices. Sub-ohm means that the coil of the vape has a resistance of less than one ohm, just so you know 😉

    If you are interested in a pod-based vape that is designed to be refilled, and thus will save you a lot of hassle and money, check out my reviews for the SMOK Novo and the Suorin Edge! (My personal favorite is the Novo!)

    Best of luck on staying away from tobacco products, and have a great day!

Senkun · June 17, 2019 at 11:14 am

Hey Prof,

Wonderful guide, spot on. Can’t stress enough that squeezing while recapping is the key.

Waiting for your review of third party refillable pods. I’ve tried a few but nothing quite comes close to original pods. W01 looks weird, Jpod ceramics draws bad, others feel cheap, some smell plasticity.

Granted nothing third party will be exactly the same, but have you come across any that are close in terms of design, fit and finish quality, draw resistance, crackle, etc.?

    The Prof · June 17, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the comment!

    Third party refillables have been on my radar for a while, but unfortunately I have yet to try any of them out myself.

    You’ve mentioned a few names I haven’t heard of yet, but here’s one I had on my list that you may be interested in trying out: BLANKZ.

    As I mentioned, I haven’t gotten to try them out myself so I can’t guarantee any level of quality.

    Thanks again for the input, and have a great day!

Patrick · July 31, 2019 at 1:16 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for the great instructions! I was just wondering: what is the ideal PG/VG ratio for Juul in your opinion? I am about to buy my first bottle of Nic salt e-liquid to refill my pod for the first time, but I’m having troubles making the right decision.

I am doubting between PG/VG 50/50 or PG/VG 30/70. All the info I can find on the Internet tells me that the VG must be at least 50%, to prevent leaking from liquid that is not thick enough.

I hope that you can help me!

    The Prof · August 15, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    Hey Patrick!

    Glad I could be of service!

    As for the PG/VG levels of the juice I use, I’m actually not sure what they are.

    However, I have heard that a 30/70 mix is better for JUUL Pods.

    I personally use the SMOK Novo as my everyday vape these days, it’s much cheaper than buying JUUL Pods, and is much easier to refill than JUUL Pods. Plus the battery lasts longer, it hits more consistently, and it is more forgiving with the types of juice that can be used.

    It comes highly recommended by me! Check out my review on it if you’re interested!

Cindy Rose · August 8, 2019 at 6:56 pm

Thank you for posting this, so glad someone FINALLY put it in CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS! 😂 I’ve been refilling, basically since I started using Juul!! I bought the Juul w/no intention of stopping smoking, normal cigs…yes, I’m 1 of “those people” 😁 I had been a smoker since….well, smoking was something even your parents wanted you to do!! (telling my age lol) Yes, I had horrible parents so, no comments needed to tell me THAT! Born in NC, tobacco was and still is grown here but, back in the 80’s it was a way of life!! ANYWAYS, 2 wks after I bought the Juul….I noticed, I had not bought a pk of cigs at all, not smoked any since!! BUT, buying Juul pods…forget that, I watched a video about refilling them, just to get a little info, very little I might add!! Figured it out from there on my own, after several mistakes! So this is great info for those wanting to start refilling!! Glad you posted it and look forward to future reviews on the third party refillable pods!! I found when most companies say “refillable pods”, they usually mean, refilling a pod 2-3 times then, having to trash!! 😁 Keep up, GREAT JOB!!

    The Prof · August 15, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    Hi Cindy!

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I try my best to make very thorough and informational guides to cut out the guess work!

    I’m glad the JUUL was able to help you unintentionally quit smoking!

    I must recommend that you check out my SMOK Novo review! It performs better than the JUUL in many areas in my opinion, and is much cheaper than buying JUUL Pods, even if you do refill them. It’s also much easier to refill SMOK Novo pods! (They are designed for it)

    Review on refillable JUUL Pods is coming soon as well!

American Distributors LLC · August 9, 2019 at 7:31 am

Good Post.
Thanks for the detailed write-up

    The Prof · August 15, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    You’re welcome!

    I’m glad you found it helpful!

Kris · August 11, 2019 at 10:23 pm

You can clean the cotton with warm water and vinegar. I also clean the pods with the same stuff if your juice turns brown. I’ve been able to reuse my pods for over 5 months now. Thanks for you great tips and direction.

    The Prof · August 15, 2019 at 7:36 pm

    Hey Kris!

    I’m glad you found the guide helpful!

    That cotton cleaning technique sounds crazy! I would’ve never thought about doing that!

    I have to recommend that you check out my SMOK Novo Review and my Suorin Edge Review! They will save you a lot of the hassle involved with refilling JUUL Pods!

miguel kuusela hilario · September 20, 2019 at 5:20 am

Many thanks! I am an experienced coil builder and using your guide I was able to successfully refill my pod in less time than it takes me to re-wick some of my tanks!

    The Prof · September 20, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Hey Miguel!

    I’m glad you found the guide helpful! Especially as a coil builder. That’s something I haven’t even thought about attempting.

    I must ask, what made you get a JUUL if you rebuild your own coils?

elle · November 13, 2019 at 8:53 am

Hey! Love your website, have been obsessively pouring over your JUUL articles- super helpful (kind of distracting, should be studying for finals)

Just wondering if you were still working on a third party refillables review? I’d love to refill my juul because it’s getting expensive as heck but it helped me get off smoking.

Keen to see what you come out with next,


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