The BRIK JUUL Charger Case

It’s Friday night.

You’re on your way to meet your friends for some drinks after another looong week.  You’ve been looking forward to this for days and have made sure everything else was taken care of so that you can just enjoy the night, worry-free.

You’re still going over it all in your head though, not quite shifted into “relaxation mode” just yet.  Your mind fails to come up with any forgotten responsibilities, uncompleted tasks, or prior commitments.  At least none that can’t be put off until tomorrow.

You instinctively pull your JUUL out of your pocket and take a hit, ready to unwind.  Except there’s no crackle.  No warmth.  No flavor.

As you pull it from your mouth and begin to look down your heart simultaneously jumps, already anticipating the reality that only your eyes can confirm:

JUUL Charger Case Dead JUUL


You forgot to charge your JUUL.

Enter our Hero: BRIK

In light of this major problem, a solution was born:

JUUL Charger Cases

These JUUL accessories aim to combine storage and portable charging in one tiny and convenient package.

They accomplish this fairly well… SOMETIMES.

Many JUUL charger cases currently available were produced swiftly in an attempt to turn a quick profit.

This results in cases that are poorly designed, bulky, and prone to malfunction.

However, there are a few that have risen above this standard by creating well-designed quality products that are actually worth your hard-earned cash.

The BRIK Charger, in my humble opinion, is one of these products.

JUUL Charger Case Review Beautiful BRIK Charger

Full Disclosure: I have been in contact with the founders of BRIK for some time.  The links within this article to purchase the BRIK are affiliate links.  This means that any sale through those links directly supports the site!

That being said, my affiliation with BRIK does not affect the honesty of this review in any way.  I will always thoroughly and honestly review any product I write about including any and all information I’ve discovered, be it positive or negative.

I would NEVER sacrifice my credibility to you, my dear readers, just to make a quick buck.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into dissecting this battery-charging battery. (Gotta love that 1st world livin’)


Pros & Cons

JUUL Charger Case Review BRIK Charger Pros and Cons 2


  • Overall build quality
  • Color options + beautiful aesthetic that perfectly matches the JUUL
  • Small, thin dimensions
  • Provides storage for one extra JUUL Pod
  • Can charge a JUUL in under an hour
  • Contains three full JUUL Charges
  • Informative LED that conveys total charges left in the BRIK
  • Auto-off function disables charging when the JUUL is fully charged


  • Questionable internal build quality (RESOLVED: Updated 4/11/2019)
  • Extra JUUL Pod must be stored without its “flavor cap”
  • JUUL gets “stuck” if inserted without a pod

If this was all you needed to hear, then take this link right over to the BRIK website:

But be sure to at least scroll to the end of the post for your 10% discount code provided as a special deal for readers of the Pod Professor!


The most important of the categories, of course, comes first.

The BRIK JUUL charger case can charge a JUUL up to three times.  It features a window that shows the JUUL’s LED while charging, as well as an indicator light on the BRIK itself that denotes how many charges remain.  The indicator light functions (similarly to the JUUL) as follows:

  • GREEN: Three JUUL Charges
  • YELLOW: Two JUUL Charges
  • RED: One JUUL Charge

The light flashes its respective color when the JUUL is connected to, or removed from the BRIK, and while recharging the BRIK.  While recharging, the BRIK’s light goes from pulsing red to pulsing yellow, and then to pulsing green, before signifying a full charge with a solid green light.

Although the BRIK is fairly self-explanatory, there is no user manual included whatsoever to explain this LED function.  It would have been nice to have a little card that explained this, as well as two other minor, but important, notes you should be aware of:

  • The extra JUUL Pod must be stored WITHOUT its colored flavor cap
  • The JUUL should be inserted into the BRIK with a pod attached, to give yourself something to grab on to for removal from the BRIK.

BRIK Pod Storage

Many JUUL charger cases come with a storage area for extra pods, but none do it quite like BRIK.

The pod slot on the BRIK is designed to hold a pod in the same way the JUUL does.  Pressing a pod in will result in a satisfying “click” akin to that of inserting a brand new pod into the JUUL.

JUUL Charger Case Review BRIK Pod Slot Operation

“But won’t that wear down the plastic pod tabs over time?” you ask?

Well, the people behind BRIK though of that, and included two channels for those tabs to safely pass through completely untouched.  That’s some nice attention to detail right there.

JUUL Charger Case Review Plastic Pod Tabs Slots

Next is the fact that you can’t store your extra pod with its colored flavor cap.

Although I did list this as a con above, that’s more just for personal, nitpicky reasons.

In reality, as long as you are PROPERLY disposing of those colored caps, then this really is a non-issue. I’m tired of seeing JUUL Pod litter crushed into the pavement in parking lots.  We’re better than that JUULers!

JUUL Charger Case Review Littering is Not CUUL

BRIK JUUL Charger Slot

Now for my only real complaint about this product.  If you happen to insert your JUUL into the BRIK pod-less, you’ll quickly realize there’s a problem:

JUUL Charger Case Review JUUL Stuck inside BRIK

You can’t pull it back out…

The JUUL has a magnetic charging port, so it kind of gets “stuck”.

You have one of two options at this point:

  1. Click a pod into the JUUL for removal, OR
  2. Use a little momentum to get it loose.

These tactics look like this:

In addition to the JUUL getting stuck, if you accidentally put a pod or flavor cap into this slot, a similar strategy (momentum) will need to be employed to remove them.

Once again, this wouldn’t that big of a deal, if it wasn’t directly related to the final con I listed above: “Questionable Internal Build Quality”.

Build Quality

Update 4/11/2019: The creators of the BRIK JUUL Charger have informed me that not only were they aware of the following issue, but it has also been fixed.  Turns out it was a manufacturing issue in the first round of BRIKs in which they used an improper adhesive.  This has since been corrected, so you don’t have to worry about this happening to your BRIK!

I’ll get this one complaint out of the way, and then move right into all the GOOD aspects of the BRIK in this category.

I’d also like to mention that even if there is something to the following finding, BRIK offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all BRIK Chargers.  So if yours ever stops functioning for any reason they will send you a new one.

After discovering the “stuck JUUL” problem and performing the solution described above, I noticed that there was a strange rattling coming from within the BRIK.

It felt like the battery inside the BRIK itself had been knocked loose when removing a stuck JUUL/JUUL Pod using the momentum technique.

After this occurred, the BRIK still functioned 100% normally.  It charged my JUUL fine and the weird rattling even stopped.  Like the internal battery had gotten wedged back into place naturally somehow.

But, I could have just been unlucky and this problem can be avoided altogether by using the BRIK as it’s intended.  Also, that LIFETIME WARRANTY should assuage any worries you may have.

The creators of the BRIK JUUL charger are so confident in the quality of their product that they have no qualms about offering this warranty.

Other than that one incident, the BRIK’s overall build quality and design are great.  It is very small compared to other JUUL charger cases while still containing three full charges.

Slip this into your pocket and you won’t even know it’s there.

JUUL Charger Case Review JUUL Charger Case Review Sleek Size Comparison

Another point I should mention is that I dropped this thing at least a handful of times and it still works and looks great, other than a couple of tiny scratches.

It feels very clean and well put together and is very lightweight with its aluminum housing.

This is a durable and well-built product.


As far as visual presentation goes I have nothing bad to say.  The BRIK’s sleek aluminum body comes in four attractive colors:

  • Rose Pink
  • Navy Blue
  • Classic JUUL Slate (Steel Gray)
  • Orange (My personal favorite)

JUUL Charger Case Review BRIK Color Choices

The BRIK logo is beautifully engraved on either side and the metal finish and overall style match the JUUL’s perfectly.  If you didn’t know any better you might assume this is an official JUUL Labs product.

It just gives you that nice satisfying hand feeling that you only get from a cleanly made metallic object.

Who Should Buy This Product?

The number one determinant of how useful the BRIK will be to you is your lifestyle.

For me, I find myself not needing the BRIK as often because I have a JUUL carrying case and I always have access to USB Ports that I can use freely.  So I rarely find myself running out of charge.

However, when going on extended trips or even just single night outings/concerts it has been invaluable.  The BRIK shines in situations in which you know you will not have access to USB charging ports for some time.

If any of the following apply to you, then you’ll LOVE the BRIK:

  • You are constantly on the move throughout the day
  • You live in a large city where charging ports are not always available
  • You travel frequently
  • You enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities
  • You like exploring and going out on uncertain adventures with friends
  • You want a simple, lightweight, and all in one solution to some of the daily problems JUULers face

I’m a creature of habit and tend to never be too far away from an unoccupied charging port.  But, when I do finally leave my cave I’m definitely glad I have a BRIK to bring along.

JUUL Charger Case Review BRIK Lineup

Your JUUL’s New Best Friend

I don’t think you can go wrong with the BRIK.  However, you definitely CAN go wrong with many other JUUL charger cases on the market.

I DO plan to review more JUUL charger cases in the future, and eventually do a post that compares and ranks the best ones.

Until then, rest assured you’re making a solid decision in purchasing the BRIK.  It won’t let you down.  Click the link below to buy a BRIK directly from the BRIK Charger website:

Get the BRIK Charger!!!

Also! As a special bonus for my readers, you can use the promo code: BRIKPODPROF for 10% off the BRIK!

Have a positively charged day, dear JUULers. I’ll see you soon!

Is the BRIK exactly what you’ve been looking for?  If you decide to try it out, come back and tell us what you think! Have you found a JUUL charger case that rivals the BRIK?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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Jessica · May 22, 2019 at 9:23 am

>As you pull it from your mouth and begin to look down your heart simultaneously jumps

If your heart is jumping because your Juul is out of charge, you should probably lay off of it for a little while… lol

    The Prof · May 29, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    Hey, I had to have a little fun with that scenario. 😉

    And although I agree, I’m sure there are many JUULers that can relate to that experience!

    The grasp that nicotine can have on us is unfortunately often very strong.

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