Is the JUUL Worth It?

Short answer: YES!  At least it was for me.

I smoked for years and had tried multiple different ways to quit.  Cold turkey, weaning myself off, and about every different type of vape on the market.

None of them worked.  It’d go great for a few weeks, occasionally even months, but then something would go wrong.  Life would interfere in an unexpected way (as it often does) and I’d be right back where I started.

Smoking a pack a day and hacking up a lung every morning.

Until I found the JUUL, that is.  To this day the JUUL is the only thing that has kept me away from cigarettes for over a year and a half, and I’m not the only one.  Countless others have used the JUUL to quit smoking as well.

All that being said, the JUUL certainly isn’t perfect.

However, all this hype has led many to ask themselves the question: “Should I buy a JUUL?”

Today I will cover the good, the bad, and everything in between with this honest JUUL review.

What is a JUUL???

The JUUL is small, pod-based, vaporizer designed with adult smokers in mind.  JUUL’s goal is to give smoker’s a way to transition from smoking to vaping with minimal effort.

Should I Buy a JUUL JUUL

They achieve this through their proprietary JUUL Pods, each of which lasts around 200 puffs, or approximately one pack of cigarettes.  Minimal setup is necessary, simply insert a JUUL Pod and start vaping.

The JUUL “fast charges” magnetically and the battery lasts about the time it takes to vape through one pod.

It’s battery features an LED indicator light that alerts users of its battery level and gives feedback while hitting.

JUUL Review: Pros and Cons

First I’ll give you a list of the main pros and cons, and then I’ll go more in-depth on each set of points.

In no particular order, here they are:

  • Likeness to cigarettes
  • High nicotine concentration
  • Multiple nicotine strengths
  • Quality E-juice
  • Build quality
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Portability
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast charge time
  • Coil temp regulator
  • Great customer service



Here comes the fun part of this JUUL review.  The part where I get to explain why I think the JUUL is one of the best vapes ever created.

Vaporizers were initially introduced as a way to help people quit smoking.  The JUUL has much come closer to this goal than any of the thousands of other vapes and vaping styles that have been produced.

Like I mentioned above, the JUUL is the ONLY vape that has kept me off of cigarettes for over a year, and I’ve tried just about every other type of vape available.

JUUL: THE Alternative to Smoking

JUUL’s design, high nicotine concentration, and great e-juice flavors all come together to create the closest experience to a real cigarette you can get without actually smoking.

The throat hit, the tight airflow creating the perfect MTL (mouth to lung) draw, and the physical form of the JUUL all come very close to a real cigarette.

You get all the perks of smoking without the negatives like tar in your lungs and smelling like an ashtray.

Should I Buy a JUUL Stinky Ashtray 

The sensation of the puff along with the high concentration of nicotine makes switching to the JUUL from cigarettes almost effortless for MANY smokers. Just check out the JUUL subreddit if you don’t believe me.

There are hundreds of accounts of longtime smokers buying a JUUL and never looking back.  The transition is nearly seamless.

The JUUL’s ease of use is another reason people love it.  In the same way that you’d pull a cigarette out of the pack, light it up and start smoking, with the JUUL you simply pop in a pod and puff away.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but if you’re a heavy smoker, what have you got to lose?  Give it a try.  This could be the device that saves your lungs and your longevity.


The Battery

The JUUL was designed in America and has superb construction.  It uses high-quality materials like medical-grade plastics and an aluminum body that gives it a solid feel and desirable aesthetic.

They’ve produced a product that feels like a luxury vape and made it very affordable at $34.99 American.

The Pods

JUUL Pods may have some faults (we’ll get into that later) but the juice in each pod is very high quality.  They use natural ingredients and every JUUL Pod is manufactured in the US.

They don’t use any questionable flavoring chemicals like those that cause “Popcorn Lung” and they have seriously hit the nail on the head when it comes to flavor profiles.

Many people have tried to replicate the e-juice in JUUL Pods to no avail, whatever JUUL’s recipes are, it’s in their best interest to keep it top secret.

Should I Buy a JUUL Top Secret Recipe

ALSO, JUUL has FINALLY heard our calls for different nicotine strengths and begun creating lower nic versions of some of their flavors.  YEET!


As I hinted at above, the JUUL’s low maintenance, easy to use design has become one of its main selling points.

No more fumbling with coil replacement or getting your fingers covered in e-juice while trying to refill a tank.  Unless of course you’re fed up with the ridiculous price of JUUL Pods and have decided to start refilling pods yourself.

Otherwise, you simply remove the spent pod, put a new one in and continue vaping.  Excellent.

In addition, the JUUL’s small size makes it extremely portable, and it’s fast charge time (~45min – an hour) means you never have to wait too long to get your nico-fix.

But there’s one more hidden design aspect that is a GAME CHANGER in the vape world: a patent-pending temperature regulator.

Should I Buy a JUUL Temperature Regulator

This regulator ensures that you are always vaping at a consistent temperature, which eliminates the plague of dry-hits most other vapes are prone to.

If you’ve ever had a dry-hit from a vape, you know that they’re about as much fun as doing research on which vaporizer iw worth trying next.  With JUUL however, dry-hits simply don’t exist.

Should I Buy a JUUL Dry Hit


Unlike many others that have written a JUUL review, I won’t sugarcoat the bad aspects of the JUUL and make it seem like the “perfect device” because of course, it isn’t.

However, I will say that I believe the positives outweigh the negatives FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE.

“Should I Buy a JUUL?”

There’s one quick and easy way to address the question: “Should I buy a JUUL?”

Simply replace it with the question: “Am I a smoker?”

If the answer is yes, then you should buy a JUUL.  If not, then you may want to think again.

If you don’t already have a nicotine addiction, I recommend avoiding the JUUL.  You can quickly develop an addiction or even worsen a pre-existing one.

JUUL Pods have a very high nicotine concentration by design.  This helps smokers avoid the temptation to smoke and has worked wonders in that department.

Nevertheless, if you don’t already smoke or vape high concentration nicotine e-juice, avoiding the JUUL is probably your best bet.

This large amount of nicotine also makes it difficult to quit once you’ve started using the JUUL.  Potentially just as difficult as quitting smoking in the first place.


Oh, where to begin…?


Hands down the most frustrating aspect of using the JUUL is dealing with the inconsistency of JUUL Pods.

And I mean you’d think that after paying OVER FOUR DOLLARS A POD that you’d at least get a consistent experience.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  From random leaking to displaced wicks and pods that just don’t seem to hit well, JUUL still has some work to do on their cartridge game.

Should I Buy a JUUL Leaky Pod

All these issues JUUL Pods tend to have, along with their price point, is the number one complaint of JUULers.

Flavor Choices

The last negative aspect of JUUL Pods is their lack of flavor variety, although, I hesitated to even put this on the cons list.

See, I’m a bit of an ol’ timer when it comes to the JUUL, I got my first one before the GALAXY BRAIN MANGO DYNASTY was even born.  That’s right, back then there were only four flavors available.

Should I Buy a JUUL Galaxy Brain Mango

(If you don’t get the joke, you’ll just have to pick up a JUUL Starter Kit and find out)

These days, JUUL has added a few more flavors, (eight in total) as well as some different nicotine strengths.

Compared to most vaporizers, however, this still barely scratches the surface as far as flavor options go.


The last point to complain about here is the few issues the JUUL has with its overall design.


First things first, the JUUL is very small.  Although for many this is also a positive, it does result in a high chance of losing your JUUL.

I for one, have amazingly NEVER LOST A JUUL.  There have been some VERY close calls, but they’ve always come back to me one way or another.  I can assure you though that I am part of the minority here.

Almost EVERY JUULer I talk to has lost at least one, and I consider myself lucky for having not done so yet.

Should I Buy a JUUL Lost JUUL


Next, is the JUUL’s tendency to have a short lifespan.  This one is ACTUALLY primarily caused by pods (yet again) slightly leaking into the device over time.

In my experience, most JUULs functionality decreases or ceases entirely in less than a year.  This can be a bit of a nuisance, but the headache is mitigated due to JUUL’s amazing customer service and warranty.

All you have to do to get a replacement JUUL is tell them that your’s has stopped working, and then they give you a code to order a new JUUL for free.  You don’t have to send the old one back to them, and shipping is extremely fast. (I usually get any shipments directly from JUUL within two business days)

You can also extend the life of your JUUL by performing regular cleanings to try and keep the connection pins free from congealed e-juice.

Using the JUUL to Quit Smoking

So, “Is the JUUL worth it?”, “Should I buy a JUUL?” Hopefully, I’ve answered these questions for you.

I think my stance is clear by this point.  Sure, the JUUL isn’t perfect, but as far as vaporizers go, it’s pretty darn good.

If you are a smoker that is trying to quit I think you should give the JUUL a chance.  It has helped me and countless other smokers put down the cigarettes, permanently.

Should I Buy a JUUL No Smoking

If you aren’t a smoker, don’t get a JUUL.  This device is designed to help smokers quit, and if cigarettes aren’t for you, then neither is the JUUL.

I truly believe this device could seriously reduce traditional tobacco usage, and save many lives in the process.  That’s why I’ve written this JUUL review

I recommend picking up a starter kit from JUUL’s website, as it includes four JUUL Pods of different flavors so you can experiment and see what you like the best. (it’ll PROBABLY be mango)

Click the link below to shop for JUUL directly!:

JUUL Starter Kit

Any glaringly obvious points I missed? Did this JUUL review convince you to take the plunge?  How are you liking the JUUL if so? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. None of the links to JUUL in this article are affiliate links.  I am not associated with JUUL and do not receive commission on any purchases made through those links.  JUUL discontinued their affiliate program when the backlash against the company began towards the end of 2018.


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