Suorin Edge VS JUUL

Today, I’ve put together an honest Suorin Edge Review to see how it stacks up against everyone’s favorite pod vape: The JUUL.

This will be the second post in which I use the JUULability system that I developed to review a pod vape in a way that gives us a clear reference point to compare it to.

I’ll briefly explain the JUULability system here to give you an idea of what to expect in this Suorin Edge review.

The JUULability Review System

This system shows how pod vapes stack up against the JUUL in the most important categories.

It will start with a general table of advantages, followed by a pros and cons list, and then finally a more in-depth breakdown of each of the following points:

  • Vapor Quality
    • Consistency
    • Flavor
    • Dry-Hits
  • Design
    • Battery + Pod Capacities
    • Build Quality
    • Ergonomics
    • Aesthetics
  • Maintenance
    • Costs ($$$)
    • Physical Maintenance
  • Malfunctions
    • Pod Leakage
    • Spitback
  • The Professor’s Recommendations
    • Who do I think the Suorin Edge is best suited for?

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to expect, let’s get this battle underway!

Suorin Edge Review Edge Vs JUUL

Suorin Edge Review: Advantages

Suorin Edge VS JUUL Advantages Table


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Suorin Edge Review: Pros & Cons

Keep in mind, this pros and cons list is a review of the Suorin Edge VS JUUL.

Suorin Edge Review Pros and Cons 2


  • Removable batteries
  • More consistent vapor production
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Slightly larger battery and pod capacity
  • Fast USB-C battery charging
  • Child lock function
  • Refillable Pods
  • Magnetic connections
  • Refillable pods allow infinitely more e-juice options than JUUL
  • More color options than JUUL
  • Significantly cheaper to refill pods than to buy JUUL Pods
  • Better ergonomics (Overall size and mouthpiece feel)
  • Easier to keep track of (larger size and brighter colors)


  • Dry-Hits are possible
  • Narrow pod design makes filling difficult and creates lots of air bubbles
  • No temp sensor (possible dry-hits)
  • Air flow holes can accidentally be covered while hitting
  • slightly wobbly magnetic connections
  • Hard to tell when to change the pod (recommended after two to four fills)
  • More maintenance required (refilling pods)

If you’re already liking the sound of the Suorin Edge, you can pick one up here for $29.95

Suorin Edge Review: Vapor Quality

Overall, I like to think of the Edge as Suorin’s version of the JUUL.  They perform very similarly in many of the main categories and mostly differ in terms of design and maintenance.


Slight Advantage: Suorin Edge

For the most part, the JUUL and the Edge hit very similarly in terms of overall vapor production.  Where the Suorin Edge does a little better, is in the consistency of those hits.

Where, with the JUUL, you would have to be squeezing or shaking your JUUL pod to get consistent hits, the Edge doesn’t seem to require this AS much.

Although the Edge delivers slightly more consistency, there is still a bubble formation issue due to the narrow design of the pods. But we’ll get into that in the Design section of this review.

In my opinion, neither the Edge nor the JUUL comes anywhere near the SMOK Novo’s performance in this category.


No Advantage

Once again, the JUUL and the Edge are very similar in regards to their flavor profile.

This was tested as usual by refilling a JUUL Pod with the same e-juice I use in the Suorin Edge.

There was really no noticeable difference between the flavor these two vapes produced.  Occasionally I liked the flavor of the Edge more than the JUUL, but it wasn’t a big enough difference to earn an advantage in this sub-category.

I believe this is due to their similar wattage output and overall functionality.

You’ll have to decide who wins this one yourself!

Dry Hits

Advantage: JUUL

As always, the JUUL dominates almost every other vape in the realm of dry-hits.

This is because of JUUL’s proprietary temperature sensor that literally won’t allow a dry hit to occur.  If the temperature of JUUL’s coil gets too hot, it simply cranks down the wattage output to avoid producing that, absolutely horrid, burning sensation.

Suorin Edge Review Dry Hits

Now, in my experience, I never really got a dry hit from the Suorin Edge other than when it was time to refill the pod.  Hitting an empty Edge pod has nothing to offer anyone unless you happen to enjoy a pastime of smoking cotton.

I believe there may also be the potential for dry-hits when a pod is getting close to needing replacement, or if the narrow nature of edge pods results in a stuck bubble on one side of the wick. (again, more on that later)

A little diligence and attention are required to avoid this nasty experience with the Suorin Edge.

Suorin Edge Review: Design

This will likely be the longest section of this Suorin Edge review, as the Edge sports some truly unique and innovative design choices that separate it from many other pod-vapes on the market.

As well as some disappointing blunders…

Let’s dive in!

Battery and Pod Capacities

Advantage: Suorin Edge

The Edge has a distinct advantage in this category with its 1.5ml pod capacity and its two 230mAh swappable batteries.

It doubles the JUUL’s .75ml pods, and the JUUL’s battery is about 200mAh.

The difference between 200mAh battery and a 230mAh battery is pretty much negligible to me, but the awesome part about the Edge is the fact that it comes with two batteries that can be swapped when one dies.  Meaning no more vaping interruptions, and no more purchasing and carrying around multiple vapes.

These batteries magnetically snap into place and are recharged using the newer USB-C type port rather than the classic micro-USB.  The USB-C port is more durable than micro-USB, is symmetrical (can be inserted facing either direction) and allows for faster charging.

I think this idea is genius and is definitely the Edge’s shining advantage over most other vapes in this category.

Suorin Edge Review Interchangeable Batteries

Build Quality

No Advantage

Both the JUUL and the Suorin Edge have a very similar feel as far as build quality is concerned.

The main bodies of these vapes both have a nice aluminum finish and feel like a solid product straight out of the box.  This goes back to what I said earlier about the Edge feeling a lot like Suorin’s version of the JUUL.

The Edge is activated in the same way as most pod vapes including the JUUL, by simply drawing air through the mouthpiece.

Battery Design

The child lock feature is a nice afterthought if you happen to be a parent, but it doesn’t apply to many of us vapers.  It is engaged by quickly clicking the slender side button five times, and signified by the battery indicator light flashing red (when activated) and green (when deactivated).  The low profile of the button makes it nearly impossible for child lock to accidentally be engaged in your pocket, so no need to worry if this feature is useless to you, it won’t get in the way.

Speaking of the indicator light, it functions similarly, but a little different from the JUUL.  You cannot tap the Edge to see the remaining battery life, but while hitting the Edge it’s light is illuminated with one of three colors to denote remaining battery life. The light goes from green, to blue, to red, and then finally flashes red when the battery needs to be recharged.

While charging, the light on the battery ascends in reverse order of those colors and shuts off entirely when the battery is fully charged.  The batteries have an automatic function that ceases charging once the battery is full, to prevent overcharging if you leave the battery plugged in for longer than it needs.

I will say that I definitely like the Edge’s magnetic pod and battery connections.  There’s just something so satisfying about that magnetic *snap*!

That being said, the pod and battery do wiggle a little bit.  This does not affect the connections in any way from my experience, but it might bother some people. I couldn’t care less personally.  Another note is that, like most pod-vapes, the pods and batteries can be inserted symmetrically.

Here’s a video showing a lot of what I just explained in action:

Pod Design

Now, let’s get into the pods.


This is by far the most disappointing part of the Suorin Edge.

The Edge’s pods definitely feel like they have a much better overall build quality than JUUL pods, but this is to be expected of a pod that is designed to be reused vs JUUL Pods which are designed to be used once and then replaced.  That’s about the only good thing I have to say about Edge pods, unfortunately.

I’m sure that all the JUULers reading this are familiar with the annoyance of bubbles getting stuck around JUUL Pod wicks due to their thin design and the thick nature of most e-juices.

The Edge’s pods fall victim to the same design flaw, but it’s potentially even worse in the Edge’s case.

First of all, the air tube in Edge pods is wider than the JUUL’s, meaning e-juice has a difficult time freely flowing around it to maintain an even level of juice across the pod.

E-juice frequently gets stuck on one side of the pod and requires firm shaking to be balanced out.  This occurs while refilling the pods and while vaping.

Suorin Edge Review Uneven Juice Levels

If you’re someone like myself who enjoys filling your pods to the very brim, leaving not a single air bubble, then you’ll share my frustrations with this pod. It is nearly impossible to achieve this on Edge pods due to their thin nature.

My next complaint is about the airflow design of these pods. The pods themselves fit pretty snugly to the aluminum body, and there is a single tiny cut out on one side of the pod to allow airflow.  It is very easy to accidentally cover this air hole with one of your fingers while hitting, which is definitely a little annoying.

Suorin Edge Review Airflow Hole

Finally, continuing the theme of interesting pod design choices is the suction activation method of edge pods.  Rather than being incorporated into the main vapor tube like many vapes, the suction activator is a separate whole offset to one side of the pod’s mouthpiece.

This means you have to have the whole top of the mouthpiece sealed in your lips to get the Edge to fire properly.

Suorin Edge Review Suction Activation Hole

Now, this really isn’t a big deal, because the chances of you not covering both of these holes when naturally hitting the Edge are slim to none.  I just thought I’d mention this odd mechanism.


Slight Advantage: Suorin Edge

The edge is larger than the JUUL, but still a very sleek and tiny vape.  Personally, I appreciate the larger size as someone with big hands.  It’s just slightly more comfortable for me to have a little more to hold on to.  The larger size of the Edge also makes it less likely to be misplaced every other goddamn puff.

Suorin Edge Review Size Comparison

The mouthpiece of Edge pods is also definitely more ergonomic than that of JUUL Pods.  They have a nice smooth curvature, unlike the JUUL’s straight up rectangle.

Suorin Edge Review Mouthpiece Comparison

One final, minor note on ergonomics is that the fidget potential of the Edge is very high compared to most other vapes.  It’s so much fun popping the battery and the pod in and out on the Edge and hearing that nice magnetic snap.  I like being able to play around with something that spends that much time in my hand.


No Advantage

This sub-category almost always comes down to personal preference, and overall, these two vapes are very similar in looks.

Both have a plain, sleek look and feel, with a nearly identical metal finish and a rectangular body.  There are a few extra edges to the Edge, which I like, but for the most part, these vapes have the same visual and tactile appeal.

One other bonus of the Edge is that it comes in six base color options, which definitely beats the two JUUL has.  However, I’ve found that most retailers don’t ever have every color in stock for the Edge, so keep that in mind when shopping! VaporFi is one website I’ve found that has most of the color options available.

Suorin Edge Review Aesthethic Comparison

Suorin Edge Review: Maintenance

Here I talk about what is required to keep the Edge running efficiently, and how much it costs to do so.


Advantage: Suorin Edge

The JUUL will almost never be able to win this sub-category.  JUUL Pods are expensive, especially when compared to vapes that you fill with your own e-juice.

They come out to about $6 per ml of e-juice on average, ($16-$20 per pack of pods, which contain 3ml of e-juice total) depending on where you’re buying them and what flavor. (RIP Mango)

Every other e-juice averages to be about 60 cents per ml. ($15-$20 per 30ml bottle of juice)  This means you’re paying ten times more for JUUL Pods than just buying your own e-juice and filling pods yourself.

The Edge pods themselves only cost a couple of bucks per pod and will last for 2-5 fills.

Suorin Edge Review Rich VS Poor

Physical Maintenance

Advantage: JUUL

As always, the JUUL is very difficult to beat in this sub-category.  Part of the reason JUUL is such a great smoking cessation aid is its extreme ease of use.  Just pop in a pod and you’re ready to go.  That is as long as you aren’t attempting to refill JUUL Pods to save money.

The Suorin Edge, on the other hand, requires manually filling your pods which can be a bit finicky, especially with the narrow design of Edge pods.

The pods are filled through a small hole on the side. Unlike the SMOK Novo, which has nice wide pods, the Edge’s pod design often requires filling half of the pod, sealing the fill hole, and then firmly shaking the pod to get e-juice to flow to the far side of the pod, allowing you to finish filling.  Definitely more annoying than it should be.

Suorin Edge Review Fill Hole

Knowing when to replace your Edge pods is another slightly annoying aspect of its maintenance.  My normal method for determining this in refillable pod-vapes is using a combination of wick coloration (black and brown is bad) and flavor (burnt taste).

However, with the Edge, one of these methods (wick coloration) is made null due to the very dark color of the plastic used in its pods.  It makes it very difficult to tell what color the wicks are.  Still, the more important factor here is how the vapor tastes, but regardless its a bit of a guessing game.

As far as cleaning is concerned the JUUL and the Edge, like most pod vapes, follow a pretty similar procedure.  Due to nearly every pod ever designed having some level of leakage,  frequent cleaning is always important to avoid complications down the road!

Which leads perfectly into our next, and final category:

Suorin Edge Review: Malfunctions

Now we get into the two most common malfunctions us pod-vapers run into: pod leakage and spitback.

This whole category is once again one where the JUUL and the Edge have nearly no differences. So it’ll be pretty quick to get through.

Pod Leakage

No Advantage

Both JUUL Pods and Edge pods seem to have very similar leaking tendencies. Sometimes they’re fine, and other times, it’s just a mess.

If there is any difference, I’d say its that Edge pods seem to leak less overall, but more consistently, and then have occasional larger leakages.

JUUL Pods tend to leak a very small, nearly unnoticeable amount, of e-juice constantly, and then sometimes have BIG leaks, where the juice is suddenly everywhere.

…I feel like I just wrote the same sentence out twice… yeah no real differences here.


No Advantage

Once again, these two vapes are very similar in terms of the unpleasant experience of spitback.

Both of them tend to be pretty good about it until suddenly you just get a big splash of juice to the mouth.  Not fun.  This happens fairly infrequently, but it happens. You’ve been warned.

This “style” of spitback differs from a vape like the SMOK Novo, in which you get smaller splatters more frequently, but it rarely feels like you just took a shot of e-juice.

The Professor’s Recommendations

This is the part of the review where I tell you what kind of vapers I think would be more suited to the Suorin Edge than the JUUL, as well as my own personal opinion on the new vape in question.

First, my opinion.  I really like the Edge’s battery design and aesthetic, and was really disappointed that its function and vapor production were just as good if not slightly below that of the JUUL.

Although things like interchangeable batteries and magnetic connections are awesome, the biggest determinant for me will always be vapor quality and ease of use.  The Suorin Edge just didn’t perform well enough in these areas for it to replace my current go-to vape. (SMOK Novo)

Now, for my recommendations:

You may prefer the Suorin Edge over the JUUL if:
  • You are looking for a cheaper vaping option
  • You are currently trying to save money by refilling JUUL Pods
  • You don’t mind paying a little extra attention to avoid dry-hits
  • You just want to mix it up and try something new
  • You would rather carry around just an extra battery, rather than two JUULs
  • You don’t mind manually filling your pods
  • You already have some extra USB-C cables lying around (the one that comes with the Edge is VERY short)
  • You like fidgeting with your vape
  • You have young children that you don’t want trying to hit your vape

You might not prefer the Suorin Edge over the JUUL if:
  • Ease of use and low-maintenance are important to you
  • You’d rather pay (a lot) more for convenience
  • You like JUUL Pods and don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a good 3rd-party e-juice (there are LOTS of bad ones)
  • You can’t stand dry hits and don’t want to worry about checking the juice level every so often
  • You don’t want to have to “guess” when you need a new pod
  • You don’t want your vaping interrupted by accidentally covering the air flow hole.
  • Slightly wobbly magnetic connections would annoy you

Well, that’s that for my thoughts on who would like the Edge over the JUUL.  If you want to try it out, you can purchase one through the button below!


Get the Suorin Edge!!!


The Dust has Settled,

But who is the winner? It’s a tough call, that I’ll leave up to you. ?

Although this vape wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea, I don’t regret trying it out.  You never know what vape will become the next JUUL!

Plus it could just happen to be the perfect vape for you!

How did you like this Suorin Edge Review? There will be more vape reviews coming out soon, so stay tuned!!!

Until then, have a great day dear vapers. I’ll see you soon.

Have you decided to try out the Suorin Edge?  Are than any major points I missed? What do you think about this review format? Too in-depth? Not in-depth enough? Let me know by leaving a comment!


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Ben · May 15, 2019 at 6:10 am

pretty nice review! Thank you for that. I was looking for an Edge review without the usual “nothing saying” bullshit.
kind regards from Germany

    The Prof · May 15, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    I’m glad you liked it!

    My goal is to create thorough and highly detailed reviews to help people make more informed decisions.

    It’s amazing how much vague nonsense and fluff there is out there on vapes!

    If you liked the review be sure to share it with some of your friends who may also benefit from reading.

    I can’t wait for the day I get to visit Germany myself! Have a good one!

Senkun · June 17, 2019 at 7:22 am

This is the kind of review that should be the standard. A baseline comparator, aka your juulability system. Takes away most of the subjectivity inherent in other “reviews”.

I’ve been thinking of getting either the much hyped but ugly Caliburn or the Suorin Edge, and your review seems to have given the Edge, well, the edge.

    The Prof · June 17, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    I’m glad you like the review format!

    I agree that there needs to be a relevant comparison point, otherwise you really never know what to expect until you buy it! It’s my goal to save my readers some time and money with thorough and specific reviews!

    Just as I apparently have done with you! I hope you enjoy the Edge!

    Have a great day!

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