Once Upon a Time…

Hey there JUULers!

I’d like to start today’s post off with an apology for the lack of content recently. I’ve unfortunately been caught up in a bunch of that life stuff. It can really be a pain, ya know?

Anyway, today I want to tell a story.

It’s a tale of a sudden rise to glory, a prosperous golden age, and a devastating fall from greatness.

THIS, dear JUULers, is the story of the JUUL MANGO DYNASTY.

The JUUL Mango Dynasty Mango Spill

Note: This is more of a lighthearted post just for fun and to get back in the swing of things after the holiday season.  If you’re here for JUUL/Vape tips, stay tuned! There’s plenty more of that coming soon!

JUUL MANGO: The Dark Ages

Our story starts with the release of the JUUL.

It’s hard to imagine the JUUL as anything other than the VAPING GIANT it is today, but just like any other company, they had quite humble beginnings.

Right around 2 BM (Before Mango) JUUL hit the market with four main flavors:

Virginia Tobacco
Fruit Medley
Crème brûlée

These were The Dark Ages. Mint and Virginia tobacco flavors led the pack, with a few outliers claiming the medley/brûlée was the best, but we all know those people are flat out wrong. 😉

The JUUL Mango Dynasty Mango is the Best

This went on for a while, and the JUUL saw modest growth through its innovative new vaping system and ease of use.

Then something BIG happened. JUUL had a breakthrough in their flavor testing labs and stumbled upon the ultimate recipe: JUUL MANGO.

The JUUL Mango Dynasty was born.

JUUL MANGO’s Rise to Glory

After mango JUUL Pods became available, everything changed. They were considerably better than every other flavor, and word spread fast.

When I tried my first mango pod, I was pretty skeptical. It was OK but didn’t seem to deserve the level of hype it was getting. Boy was I wrong. The flavor quickly grew on me and before I knew it, I was a mango boi through and through.

The JUUL Mango Dynasty Mango Boi

As more JUULers tried the new flavor, it rapidly became the go-to option and led JUUL to its unparalleled stature in the vaping world.

The JUUL MANGO Golden Age

For many months everything was great. JUULers had all the deliciously sweet and subtle mango pods they could puff, and JUUL reached new levels of popularity.

I believe the prosperity of JUUL Mango played a LARGE role in JUUL getting all the attention it has in the past year.

JUUL Mango reached the peak of its career when it replaced the fruit medley pod in JUUL starter packs. Now instead of a starter pack including the four original flavors, it included:

Virginia Tobacco
Crème brûlée

The JUUL Mango Dynasty JUUL Starter Kits

This solidified Mango’s position as THE JUUL flavor.

However, any rise to power will attract a lot of attention, and all good things must come to an end…

JUUL MANGO’s Fall from Greatness

It all began with the great flavor loss of ’18. Many JUULers suddenly started reporting that their mango pods were losing flavor about halfway through.

Although concerning, not all users noted this and things mostly went on unchanged.

There was something much more dire lurking just below the surface, waiting for the right moment to strike at our sweet, innocent mango.

The FDA and Underage Use

This unseen threat manifested itself as the epidemic of underage JUUL users. The JUUL was becoming a major problem in high schools, to an extent that forced the FDA to take action.

In an attempt to reduce underage usage prior to FDA intervention, JUUL removed the availability of Mango, Fruit Medley, and Crème Brûlée pods at convenience stores.

This was the major blow that marked the downfall of The JUUL Mango Dynasty.

The JUUL Mango Dynasty Panic Mango Pods

Chaos ensued. JUULers no longer had easy access to their favorite flavor, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Price Gouging

Tech-savvy JUULers aware of JUUL’s auto-ship program promptly ordered as many mango pods as they could and began selling them to those less privy for a hand and a foot.

The extreme demand for JUUL Mango led to reports of single packs of mango pods being sold for up to $40! This is absolutely ludicrous, and mostly stems from lack of information about the remaining options for purchasing Mango Pods.

Users that used to get their pods from gas stations and convenience stores could simply order Mango Pods from JUUL directly, and at a discount too! All you have to do sign up for JUUL’s auto-ship program and then your pods get shipped directly to your front door, every month, minimal effort required.

The JUUL Mango Dynasty Fast Shipping JUUL Pods

Still, many adult smokers have quite the aversion towards technology and avoid it with a passion. They don’t even know what they are missing out on, and what it’s costing them.

And that, dear JUULers, is where the story ends. This is currently where The JUUL Mango Dynasty stands. The FDA looms overhead, observing and considering whether or not to take further action, while the dynasty struggles to support its population in a fair and balanced way.

Diagnostic Outlook: Not Good

Thus far, there’s no solution in sight that would return JUUL Mango to its former glory. The FDA will take the measures it needs to take to reduce underage usage, and for good reason.

One thing we JUULers can do to help the situation (or at least the price gouging!) is to spread the word about JUUL’s auto-ship! I’m guessing many people do not even know this is an option, so tell them!

If you have someone a little older in your life that has a gnarly case of tech-phobia, help them out in setting it up! You wouldn’t want to see them go back to smoking just because they can’t get Mango JUUL Pods anymore, would you?

That’s all for now dear JUULers, have a fruitful day! We’ll see you soon.

How do you feel about the rise and fall of The JUUL Mango Dynasty?  Did you know JUUL auto-ship exists?  I personally have been using it since long before the fall from greatness.  Any other thoughts or details I overlooked?  Speak your mind in the comments below!


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